Social Media at The Click of a Button! Seriously?

OK, well not quite at the click of a button, but I am a fan of streamlining my efforts and being super productive with my time!

That’s why I’m always on the look out for cool tools that will make my life & business easier!

Today I want to introduce you to Buffer! These guys have created a fantastic little tool which can save you hours of disruption and distraction by setting up and scheduling your social media posts ahead of time.

It works with all the main networks and you can install a widget on your browser so you can share awesome information you find on the web, with your community, literally ‘at the click of a button’!

It’s also super easy to use! It does one thing and it does that one thing amazingly well. (I have to say I’m becoming more and more attracted to software which is simply brilliant at the one thing it’s supposed to do, rather than software with lots of bells and whistles, complex to use and not necessarily that good at anything it’s supposed to do – more on that in another post!)

I made a quick video to give you a tour of Buffer if you haven’t used it before, oh and did I mention it’s FREE to sign up! You can upgrade to add more profiles, unlimited posts and team members if you want someone else to schedule for you. But the free plan is more than enough to get going!

So here’s my video;


Go check it out!

Hey let me know what you think? Are you using Buffer or a different tool for scheduling? I look forward to hearing your comments!

Have a productive day! :)

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