MIHM Ep 66 - How to Create Instant Sales From Your Leads (Without Being Salesy)

Welcome to Episode 66 of Make it Happen Monday!

Building an email list is all about creating long term relationships. Sending out sales messages straight away can put many of your new subscribers off.

At the same time, when you’re spending effort and money on generating these leads, it makes business sense to try and recoup some of that money almost straight away, so that you can invest more money and generate even more leads.

But, how do you do that without coming across as aggressive or ‘salesy’?

How can you get someone to buy something from you before you’ve even had the chance to build a relationship with them?

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m sharing with you 5 ‘instant sales’ tactics that can bring in a flood of sales from new subscribers, without ever making you look aggressive!

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In the last few episodes, we’ve been talking about the components of an opt in funnel, from the landing page, to the thank you page, to the email follow ups (we’ll be discussing this in upcoming episodes).

Today, we’re going to talk about how to create instant sales from your leads.

The whole point of generating leads is to make sales, right?

But you don’t want to do it where it comes across as too ‘salesy’. If someone opts in to your funnel, and then straight away you’re throwing sales messages at them, it can put many people off.

You want to build long term relationships with your new subscribers.

So, how do we generate an instant return on our investment?

If we’re out there spending money on adverts in order to generate those leads, how do we get our money back, almost straight away, so that we can invest more money and generate more leads?

For some businesses, depending on the industry you’re in, it may not be possible. For others, it’s a longer sales cycle.

However, for many businesses, for example our Ecommerce business, or if you are in digital marketing or information marketing, you can encourage instant sales without being too aggressive or ‘salesy’.

5 Tactics To Encourage Instant Sales From My Subscribers

1) Utilize your thank you page:

Last week I talked about why building rapport on your thank you page is so important.

While you’re building that rapport, you can also make an offer on your thank you page.

Positioned correctly, it does not come off as ‘salesy’ but can come off as a rapport building tool!

In the past, I’ve used my thank you page to say ‘Hey, thanks very much for joining up, your free gift is winging its way to your inbox. But, in the meantime, I have a super special gift for you for being a brand new subscriber to my list!

Here is a product that I normally sell at $X, but because you have just joined, you can get it for this huge discount at $Y.”

In other words, you are presenting your offer as another gift you’d like to give that is hugely discounted, just for you, as you are a new subscriber.

Another variation of this is to give a bonus instead of a discount.

So you offer a product at the same price as normal, but you add a bonus product that only this person will get because they are a new subscriber.

Which works best? As a business owner, you need to test and measure your audience and see which version works best for your niche.

2) Utilize your follow up email sequence

When someone opts in to your funnel, you will send them out emails over the first few days.

These emails will be all about giving out valuable content, getting to know them, introducing yourself etc.

We’ll talk a bit more about the type of follow up emails you should send in the next couple of episodes.

However, there is nothing to stop you from adding your special offer into your email sequence in the first few days.

E.g. “Hey, thanks for becoming a new subscriber. As you are new, I have a really special offer for you! Click on this link as it’s available to you just in this first week as a new subscriber. Grab it while you can .”

One of my Ecommerce offers at the moment is a bundle of 6 or 7 products. A new subscriber can get one of these bundles at a hefty discount.

One of the biggest issues with discounts is that purchasers will want to know why, so make sure you have a great reason for a discount.

Mine is – ‘I want to give you this discount is so you can grab a few of our products straight away, test them out, and hopefully become lifelong fan and invest in all of our other products as well.’

3) Add a special offer in the content

Instead of making a special offer within your follow up email sequence, you could make your offer within the content you send your new subscribers to.

Perhaps in your follow up emails you send your subscribers to blog posts, to images on your site, to podcasts or videos etc.

These content pieces do not sell anything directly. They’re purely content that is valuable and useful to your subscribers.

But these content pieces are leading up to some sort of special offer. Your simply give them lots of really valuable content, and at the end of the content you make an offer saying, “Hey this is an awesome offer, you need to check it out.”

Essentially, your content is a campaign which builds subscribers up to an end goal, which is the special offer.

Jeff Walker (creator of the Product Launch Formula) does this brilliantly. He starts by giving out great video content. E.g. ‘I have this great video for you and it’s all about how to do xxx’.

His subscribers watch his ‘purely content’ video. Then, in the video, he tells them he is releasing another video tomorrow which is all about xxx. Then another video and another.

He will do 2-4 of these videos, and then say “I’ve given you all this content, I’ve shown you how it works, now let’s work together because I have the tool / software / platform / product / service etc that can take you to the next level.”

When you position your special offer as ‘the next level’, it doesn’t seem so ‘salesy.’

4) Position your special offer within your lead magnet

One thing I’ve done with some of my lead magnets is to position my special offer right within the lead magnet or free gift.

So, someone opts in to my funnel, I then send them their free gift, and within this free gift, there are adverts to my special offer.

The key here is to position the special offer as the next logical step, or the next level. It’ll only come across as salesy when there is no valuable content in the free gift itself.

If your free gift is just one long sales advert, you can understand why many people would be out off!

You’ve just enticed them into giving you their email address so they can receive something valuable from you for free and you need to deliver on that promise.

However, so long as you do that, then positioning your special offer as the next level is perfectly fine.

5) Re-targeting

This is when someone opts in to receive your free gift, and you then target these people again through your adverts with your special offer, knowing that they’ve already shown an interest in the subject.

For example, on Facebook, you can set up a ‘pixel’ to target people who have opted in and landed on your thank you page.

Now you can re-target them with a very specific advert. E.g. “Thanks for grabbing our free Ebook on XXX. Here’s a special offer for you because you have shown interest in this, we know this is what you need etc.”

Again, it’s all about positioning your special offer as ‘the next level.’

Your Challenge!

Your challenge this week, should you choose to accept it, is…..

Start adding instant sales to your existing email funnel:

1) Choose a special offer that you can make to new subscribers

This could be one of your own products, or an affiliate product.

2) Choose an instant sales tactic and implement it into your opt in funnel

You can choose between adding it:

  • on your thank you page in you email follow up
  • in your follow up content within your lead magnet
  • by re-targeting through ads

3) Test and measure
See which offer works best in your niche and with your audience.

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What Else Can I Do?

See the comments below? Tell me, where do you think you can implement some of these strategies in your business? What’s been your biggest takeaway this week?

Also please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

Thanks for watching.

Jo :)



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