MIHM Ep 65 - How to Create a Rapport Building Thank You Page

Welcome to Episode 65 of Make it Happen Monday!

Building an email list is crucial for any online business. And yet, so many marketers have no idea that their thank you page is actually the most important part of their sales funnel!

One of the first chances you get to build rapport with a new subscriber is on your thank you page.

It’s rapport that makes someone want to open your emails and listen to what you have to say.

And it’s rapport that makes someone BUY from you!

Without rapport, there’s no point in even having that email address.

Remember, 100% of people that sign up to receive your free gift will see your thank you page. This is the ONLY chance you get to make a good impression!

How do you get someone to engage with you, and open your emails to consume your content?

In this week’s Make It Happen Monday, I’m sharing with you the 4 key steps to creating a thank you page that hooks people in from the get-go.

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Over the last few episodes, we’ve been talking about how to create opt in funnels.

If you want to build a fantastic audience of active subscribers, who read and consume your content, then you need to be building relationships with them as soon as they sign up for your free gift.

You need to chat with them, ask them what they need from you, where they need help etc.

And the best way to do this is to have a lead generation opt-in funnel where someone can leave you their name and email address in exchange for a free gift, and then you can email them and build that relationship and rapport.

Now, we’ve already talked about creating a landing page. In other words, the page that offers the free gift, and entices someone to leave their details.

After someone decides to leave you their name and email address, they need to land somewhere after they’ve opted in.

Without a thank you page, a person can get very confused as they’re not being informed as to what happens next.

What Your Thank You Page Should NEVER Be!

Regardless of which email autoresponder you use (Aweber, Get Response etc), all of them have a generic thank you page set up.

All you have to do is tick a box, and they will show a simple thank you page as soon as someone leaves their name and email address on your landing page.

You should never use an autoresponder thank you page!

Why? It’s generic. It’s bland. It says nothing about you. And, from a user experience point of view, it feels cold and ‘automated’.

Instead, make sure you create your very own customized thank you page.

In an ideal world, your thank you page needs to be uniform with your brand as it creates recognition and continuity for the person on your site.

Personally, I like to create mine on my blog, so it’s uniform with all the rest of my content, the branding, the colors etc.

As soon as someone signs up for a free gift from me, I have it set up so they get diverted to a thank you page on my blog.

Also, it means I’m building an instant rapport. They can come to my blog, they can see who I am and if they want, they can have a little look around my blog and get to know me a bit more.

Why Do I Need to Build Rapport?

Getting someone’s email address is not the battle won. An email address is just an email address.

If someone doesn’t open your emails, you have zero chance of building a relationship with them. In other words, there’s no real point in even having that email address!

It’s not about counting how many email addresses you have on your database and being self congratulatory about it.

It’s about whether the people behind these email addresses are responsive to you, they open your emails, they consume them, they have rapport with you etc.

This is why you need to build that rapport right from the get go. And the first opportunity you have to do this is right on your thank you page – so don’t miss the opportunity!

The 4 Key Steps of a Rapport Building Thank You Page

  • Add a nice, smiley picture of you – This doesn’t have to be a photo. This could be your brand image or logo. But remember, people do business with people.
  • Which is why, on my thank you pages, you see happy picture of me!

  • Your name – I always have my name displayed prominently. This is especially important as, all the emails I send lout, they show in someone’s email inbox as from ‘Jo Barnes’

    Again, it’s all about recognition and rapport. I want people to know my name so that, when they receive an email from me, there is a level of recognition.

    Even if your emails are set out to go as your brand name, rather than your name, I still think it’s worth adding your name to your thank you page. It makes things more personable, than getting emails from a ‘faceless’ brand.

    Many marketers think about which subject lines will make people open their emails, the best copy, content etc.

    In actual fact, the most important element is who an email is from!

    Think about how you react to emails. Who’s emails do you open? Does it always matter what the subject line is?

    Every so often, a subject line will catch you, and you think “Oh that’s interesting, I’ll read that.”

    But 9 times out of 10, it’s not about the subject line, but about who is sending you that email, right?

    If it’s someone that you like and trust, you enjoy, and you look forward to their content, then you are going to open their emails!

  • A thank you message with instructions – This is super important. Of course you need to thank someone for requesting your free gift, but it’s also important to give them clear directions.

    What seems obvious to you might not seem obvious to another person, which leads to confusion, which NEVER leads to rapport!

    Explain to them what happens now that they’ve signed up. Tell them to expect your email.

    I go as far as telling them to expect an email from ‘Jo Barnes’ and I even give them the subject line of the email.

    This way, they know what to expect and exactly what to look out for.

  • A little about you – This is the opportunity to introduce yourself, to say Hello!

    I tell them a little about who I am, what I do etc. I ask them to peruse my blog. It all helps to build rapport so that, when they do go into their inbox and find my email, they’re more likely to open it as they feel they know me.

    It really is about building and nurturing those relationships, making sure that the person who has signed up to your gift knows who you are, and you are instilling that trust at an early stage so they will open your emails and consume the content.

Should I Give my Free Gift on the Thank You Page?

It’s a question I get asked a lot. After all, giving out your free gift directly on your thank you page so that someone doesn’t have to go into their inbox and find your email is surely a better user experience?

Yes you can!

For example, say you’ve offered a free video as your gift, you can embed it directly onto your thank you page.

As soon as someone signs up, they get what it is they’ve signed up for, right there and then.

However, we also want them to open our emails!

The whole point of building an email list is to build and nurture a relationship via email. So, in an ideal world, we want them to get into the habit of opening our emails.

I’ve found the best way to achieve this is to use the thank you page as a way of saying thank you, here’s a little bit about me, this is who I am, make sure you look out for my email, it’s coming to you right now etc.

And THEN I give out the free gift in my first email.

However, this is worth testing. The online landscape is constantly changing and adapting, and the way that people are receiving and consuming content is also changing, so it’s really worth testing in your particular niche.

You may find that, by delivering something instantly on your thank you page, you create more trust, and then people are more likely to open your emails anyway because you gave them exactly what they wanted with no fuss.

Or you might find my approach works better. There are no hard and fast rules, it’s all down to you to testing and measuring.

Another approach is turning your thank you page into a sales page, or using it as a place to give out another free gift. We’ll talk about this approach next week!

But even it this is something you want to do, your thank you page still, first and foremost, must be a rapport building thank you page.

And now you know how to do that!

Your Challenge!

Your challenge this week, should you choose to accept it, is…..

Create your rapport building thank you page:

1) Build your thank you page using the 4 key steps for rapport– add an image, your name, a thank you message with instructions, and add a little bit about yourself

2) Place it into your funnel

3) Test and measure – You can measure as many thank you pages as you like.

I recommend you test 2 pages at a time, so you can really see what the difference is with conversion.

You can test and measure headlines, pics, brand images, messages…..anything you like!


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What Else Can I Do?

See the comments below? Show me your rapport building thank you pages! Come and share the link to your page. I’d love to see it! Perhaps I could give you some suggestions or some help with it?

Also please share with your friends if you think this Make It Happen Monday episode has been useful and of course have an amazing week, live life on purpose and Make It Happen.

Thanks for watching.

Jo :)



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