Pinterest Marketing 2013
A Complete Up to Date Step-By-Step Blueprint of How to Use Pinterest for Marketing in 2013

 I’m going to take you by the hand and show you… 

  • Tons of Simple Pinterest Traffic Tips to bump traffic, engagement & sales by double, triple or more!
  • How to use contributor boards to boost sales and network with the pros!
  • How to become a Master Marketer using Pinterest!
  • Make the most of your images with some of the most powerful techniques known to man!

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Here’s What You Get
Module 1 - Quick Beginners Guide to Getting Your Pinterest Lead Generating Machine Off The Ground!

You’ll Discover…

  • Should You have  a business account? How to make sure you have the right account for marketing and how to set it up!
  • The single most important thing you must do to make your profile sing!
  • 4 sure-fire ways to Start Your Pinterest Campaign Off With a BANG!
  • The Number One Rule which absolutely must be observed when beginning to Build Your Following


Module 2 - Open For Business!

 Find Out…

  • The real reason so many brands get lost in the noise… and how to make sure you’re not one of them!
  • 10 ways to skyrocket your presence on Pinterest surfboarding! (Get it?)
  • How to be seen as an expert in your niche in less than 30 mins!
  • How to Really Take Your Pinterest Career to the Next Level


Module 3 - The Nuts & Bolts! Creating Killer Content & Driving a Mass of Traffic!

 You’ll Uncover…

  • How to avoid the silly mistakes most marketers make when using any Social Media platform
  • Master 9 Ingenious but incredible easy Traffic Generating Strategies
  • Stuck for images? Use these 17 amazing Ideas to Maximise Your Exposure and drive even more traffic
  • SEO your images and hit the top of google – here’s how..
  • What you absolutely NEED to know to Drive Tons of Traffic to Your Offers / Websites (it drives me mad how many brands aren’t doing this)



Module 4 - Getting the Most from Pinterest


  • 5 ways to totally nail it when it comes to building followers and subscribers
  • How to Sell Sell Sell without… ‘Selling’
  • Some super quick tools for you to easily gauge the popularity of your pins!


Module 5 - Cool Tools, Tips & Tricks


  • 10 Awesome Pinterest Tools to Help you Create Images that will have people re-pinning like crazy!
  • 1 little secret trick to get more eyeballs on your images that not many people know about…
  • 5 ways to absolutely stand out from the rest of the marketing crowd!


Plus, Two Awesome Bonuses To Really Get You On The Road To Success!
A Quickstart Guide to Becoming a Social Media Manager - Value $27
smmringspiralbinder copy

A step by step PDF guide on becoming a Social Media Manager TODAY. Including how to find the ideal client, how to approach businesses, pricing your services and much much more. Plus 5 amazing interviews with current Social Media Managers making money and growing their businesses right now! 

12 Lessons Learnt in 2012 - Value Priceless!

Having been in the game for over 2 years now, I have made many mistakes! Mistakes you don’t need to waste time making yourself by watching this webinar.

This is pure gold as I walk you through 12 of the biggest mistakes I have made in the last 2 years, what I learnt from them and what I am doing differently now to make a huge difference to my business.

Without doubt, one of my best webinars ever!


Only $47.00


Don’t Believe The Hype I Said! It’s Not Going To Be The Next Facebook or Google!

I have no doubt that over the last year you would have seen headlines such as;

“Pinterest Drives More Sales Than Facebook”

“Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social network in the US”

“Pinterest is the fastest growing site ever!”

Well, I have to tell you right up front, when Pinterest first launched I wrote a blog post and publicly declared – ‘Don’t get caught up in the hype ladies & gents, I doubt very much it’s the next Facebook or Google’. (Hence the title of this page)

Now whilst technically that statement is entirely accurate right now – (Facebook stands at 1 billion users, Google+ at 500 million users and Pinterest at 11 million,) I was actually inferring that it would be a passing fad, so much so, that it took me a further 3 months before I even looked at it!

Well, I’m the first to admit my mistakes and I have to wholeheartedly say – I was wrong!

Not only is Pinterest definitely not a passing fad, it is also an amazing, untapped by many, source of traffic.

The “No Sweat No Brainer” Secret Weapon Top Marketers Are Using To Quickly and Effortlessly “Bump” Traffic By Double, Triple or Even More!

 Check out Sharaholic’s October 2012 monthly traffic report.


 I started using Pinterest actively about 6 months ago and you can see from this screenshot taken yesterday from one of my blogs, that Pinterest is the 6th biggest traffic driver for me!



So, Who Am I and Why Should you Listen to Me?


My Name is Jo Barnes.

I am the founder and creator of Jo Barnes Online, The Social Networking Academy, Facebook Marketing 2013 and many other social media niched products.

In April 2011 I launched one of my products using only Facebook and went from 0 to SIX FIGURES in 7 Days.

I have consistently generated over 5 figures per month for the last 18 months and have been voted the No 1 Internet Market Product Online as voted by subscribers and members in the online ratings site – IMReport Card.

I travel the world with my family, which was always my goal, and in the last 18 months alone, we have been to Thailand, Australia, UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, Spain, Cyprus, Singapore and probably some places I have missed out!

As long as I have an internet connection and my flip camera, I’m good to go!

And believe me when I say, I started with Zero dollars, in fact I had a maxed out credit card. I don’t want this to sound like a rags to riches story, but I had had an offline business that due to a series of complications went down the gurgler leaving me penniless!

This was the best experience I could of had, as all the mistakes I learnt from that business, I made sure I didn’t make them a second time round and I made it my mission to teach entrepreneurs how to grow businesses successfully without having to experience all the pitfalls I did!

I use Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube & Google+ very successfully to drive a lot of traffic to my business. In fact you can see in the snapshot above to one of my blogs, Facebook is No 1 & 2, LinkedIn is No 3, Pinterest is No 6 & YouTube is No 8. Most of that is organic traffic as we’re not running any specific campaigns at the time of writing!

Do you know what the best thing about Pinterest is though?

You can achieve massive results, quickly, easily and in about 10 mins a day and above all it’s FUN!

What could be better than taking great photos of things you love and then sharing them with the rest of the world? (And that’s just the start!)

So if you’d like to have some fun with me, while also finding out how to massively increase traffic, build a huge list and generate a boat load of sales then You’ve Come to The Right Place!

Put simply, this is an out and out bargain.

You’re getting;

  • 5 Video Modules
  • Checklists & Spreadsheets
  • Quickstart Guide to Becoming a Social Media Manager
  • Lessons Learnt Webinar
  • Access to Support & Help
  • All future updates!

And you’re using the exact same systems and strategies I use right now to drive a TON of traffic to my products and offers every day.


All For Only $47.00 for all my subscribers and followers & fans

That’s it.


Not only am I keeping the price nice and low, I also offer a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose here!



Yes Jo I’m In!

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I understand that I risk nothing and gain everything when I click on the button below and check out. When I do this, I realize I’ll be getting a fantastic Pinterest Education on how to;

  • Hit the Ground Running!
  • Utilise Killer Tips to Maximise My Presence on Pinterest
  • Put My List Building Efforts Into Overdrive
  • And Much Much More

Only $47.00 if I act TODAY!


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One of the things I LOVE about Pinterest is how much fun it is while also being a fantastic business tool! The perfect combination of Win Win – a bit like this course really!!!

Don’t delay – I’ve kept the investment super low so you have no excuses to finally turn things around and be a success!




P.S. The time to take action on Pinterest is NOW! Don’t wait for change, or news or everyone else to do something. Get in there now, while Social Media is still in it’s infancy and take advantage of it’s huge power.

P.P.S. Order now to take advantage of the super low price and my 60 day no questions asked refund. There’s absolutely no risk to you even if it’s just ‘not what you were looking for’.



Comes With 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Purchase right now. Try it out. If you like it, great! We exchanged a small amount of money for a large amount of value. Awesome!

If it’s not for you, don’t even give me a reason why you want your money back.

Just ask for it – and it will be returned promptly and quietly to you. Plus, we can still be friends. By the way, here is our support deskshould you need to request a refund or need any product assistance at all with your purchase today.

You Risk Nothing & Gain Everything!


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