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The Online Marketing Academy started life in April 2011 and was originally called The Social Networking Academy.

It has been continuously voted the No 1 Internet Marketing Product every year from 2012 to today by members and subscribers in the online ratings site IMReport Card.

However as the internet (and my experiences) changed so did the Academy growing from just social media to encompass all the steps necessary to build an online business from the ground up.

But this isn’t an ordinary training program.

We have a thriving community of members who all have access to a Private Members Only Facebook Group. Access to this group is absolutely priceless and is well worth the value of the entire membership!

All the active participants open themselves up not only to be helped, but also to help others!

A very clever man once told me, the fastest way to learn is to teach and so by networking, sharing information and helping each other, members get a hugely valuable experience and fast track their learning exponentially!

I'm also personally an active participant in the group and often make video responses to questions, give critiques on fan pages, websites and sales funnels and generally offer support to The OMA community.

So you're not just given a load of training videos and told to get on with it, you will become part of an incredibly supportive network of people and have personal access to me and my team!


So let’s have a quick look at what’s included in the Academy;

  • Online Marketing 101 - This is the core OMA training program and is a 12 Week Coaching Program with weekly checklists and goals. (More on this below)
  • The Training Vault - A collection of all my online marketing training courses, including the 30 Day List Building Challenge, Facebook Domination, Blog Launch, Wordpress 101 and much more
  • Cool Tools - A selection of helpful tools and plugins to make your online life easier including my best selling Easy Graphics software platform which houses Easy FB Graphics, Easy Ecovers, Easy Infographics, Easy Headers & Banners, Easy Sales Letters & Easy Offline Graphics. Everything you need to create easy graphics for every instance.
  • The Archives - As I said above the Academy has been live for a few years now, so if you ever have a spare moment, you can dig into the archives and view trainings courses and webinars on a variety of online topics including social media, list building, technical info, copywriting, video marketing and much more
  • The Online Marketing Academy community! A vibrant private members only closed FB Group, giving you support, encouragement and a place to network with like minded people all on similar journeys. 24 / 7 support with your business and life goals! You can’t say better than that!

So let's delve into Online Marketing 101 so you can clearly see where you're going to be in 12 weeks from now (if not before!)



Online Marketing 101

Making up the core of the Academy is Online Marketing 101, a step by step, week by week coaching program spanning 12 weeks and walking you through every aspect of building a profitable online business.

Here’s what’s included;


You can’t build a successful lifestyle business unless you have the right mindset, you know what business you want to be in and you understand your target market.

That’s why in week 1 we cover;

  • Understanding your purpose and setting your business goals
  • Getting into a resourceful state of mind so you can sail through challenges and enjoy the process
  • How to choose the business and niche you’ll be immersing yourself in
  • Getting intimate with your target market (one of the biggest secrets to success!)
  • Your weekly tasks and goals checklist

By the end of Week 1 you’ll have such clarity on your business and goals, that you’ll just be chomping at the bit to get going.

You’ll be bursting with excitement!


Without doubt the most important part of creating a business that gives you freedom is in the community you create around you or your brand. That’s why in all my trainings I focus on showing you how to build an email list as early as possible.

So in week 2, you’ll discover;

  • How to easily create a high converting list builder fast
  • How to use someone else’s content to build your list
  • How to start building a list without a specific lead magnet
  • Bonus gift - 100 free giveaways for you to amend and upload to get you started
  • Your weekly tasks and goals checklist

By the end of week 2, you will have a fantastic lead magnet to start attracting people to you and your email list. Yeeehaaaa!


So now we have our lead magnet we need to put it into a simple lead generation funnel so that our potential target market can sign up and we can build our email subscriber list.

In week 3, we’ll be cruising through;

  • How to create the entire opt-in funnel including the lead page, thank you page and the autoresponder
  • Blasting quickly and easily through the technical hazards that hold so many up
  • The most important elements of a high converting landing page
  • How to make your optin funnel instantly profitable
  • Your weekly tasks and goals checklist

By the end of Week 3, you’ll have a list building funnel in place and will have started collecting email subscribers!

Now we’re really rocking and rolling!!!

To build our list fast we want to use both free and paid traffic, but we want any paid media to pay for itself from Day 1.  So here’s what you’ll learn in Week 4;

  • How to create or find an Instant Sale product
  • How to add your Instant Sale to your optin funnel
  • How to create a non aggressive high converting follow up series of emails
  • Using video sales letters
  • Your weekly tasks and goals checklist

By the end of Week 4, your ads will be paying for themselves and you’ll be building your email subscriber list like nobody’s business!

So now you have a fantastic little funnel in place, primed to attract your target market and to pay for itself, we need to start building authority and credibility for you and / or your brand.

Here’s what we’ll go through in Week 5;

  • How to be your brand! 5 steps to create an effective brand
  • 10 ways to get seen everywhere
  • How to start, build & grow a blog
  • How to Create effective social profiles and a strong online presence
  • Your weekly tasks and goals checklist

By the end of Week 5, you’ll have a clear daily strategy in place for gradually building the authority of you or your brand, building trust and growing solid relationships with your community.

Following on from Week 5, we’re going to continue building your brand and profile by using valuable content to attract our target audience to our websites, blogs and optin funnels.

Here’s what we’ll uncover in Week 6;

  • The 3 main content types to entice and attract
  • What your content absolutely must do
  • How to use your content to build an engaged online community
  • How to build your online presence even if you don’t have a website
  • Your weekly tasks and goals checklist

By the end of Week 6, you’ll have a content system in place making it easy to pump out valuable content regularly, that your audience loves and shares with others.

So by now, you’ll have a list of both subscribers and buyers as you’ve been building your list, you’ll also have plenty of content on the web and lots of growing authority and credibility!

Happy Days!

Now it’s time to create and / or sell our products and services.

So here’s what we’ll be exploring in Week 7;

  • How to come up with a popular product idea
  • Ensuring there is a ready made market for your product / services
  • How to create a product from scratch, including a guest video - 5 Steps to Creating Killer Info Products
  • How to find a product and make it your own!
  • Your weekly tasks and goals checklist

By the end of Week 7, you’ll have a super product to sell to the community and email list you’ve been building.

Traffic is only ever hard when you’re relying solely on organic traffic. Set your business up the way I have showed you and you’ll never have a traffic issue again. Your only focus will be calculating how much of a profit you’re making from your traffic strategies!

Here’s what I’m going to be showing you in Week 8;

  • 32 Free Traffic Strategies, you won’t use them all, just pick the ones that get you the best results
  • How to use webinars to build your business
  • Various paid media strategies including adswaps and solo ads
  • Using social media as a traffic generator
  • Your weekly tasks and goals checklist

By the end of Week 8, you’ll have selected 2 or 3 key strategies that work with your niche / funnels and you’ll be driving more and more traffic to your website / blog & funnels every day

Still one of my favourite ways to drive traffic to my brand, FB changes more times than I change socks! So in this weeks training I’ll be covering the latest up to date FB advertising strategies.

Here’s what we’ll cover specifically in Week 8;

  • How to use FB Ads to make an instant profit on your funnel
  • The Facebook Triad - Like, Engage, Convert
  • How to create various ad campaigns depending on your objective
  • How to set up conversion tracking and use their reporting functions to improve your campaigns
  • Your weekly tasks and goals checklist

By the end of Week 8, you’ll understand how to get the best out of FB Advertising, using clever targeting strategies, great branding and imagery and by monitoring your results.

You’ll be ready to teach others FB Ads!

Now don’t groan! There has to be some numbers in here somewhere and believe me by the time you get to this stage you’ll be super keen to start testing your funnels to see what gets you the best results! believe me tracking becomes addictive!

So here’s what we’ll talk about in Week 10;

  • The 3 numbers you MUST know to increase your profits
  • How one simple change increased my conversions by over 15%
  • How to turn 100 visitors into 50 or more optins every day of the week
  • How to track each and every visitor to your website and the actions they take
  • Your weekly tasks and goals checklist

By the end of Week 10, you’ll be split testing like a pro and talking visitors, conversion percentages and epc’s.

You’ll be increasing your profits and laughing all the way to the bank!

By continuity I mean adding a recurring income to your business, like a membership site or a subscription to a piece of software for example. In Week 11, I’ll be talking specifically about membership sites, having had one or two in my time!

Here’s what you’ll learn;

  • How to decide the format of your membership site, video, newsletters, webinars etc
  • Which platforms to use to build your membership site and how they work
  • How to structure your membership content giving the highest value for the least amount of time commitment
  • Marketing promoting & monetizing your site
  • Your weekly tasks and goals checklist

By the end of Week 11, you’ll be able to easily add a recurring business model to the end of your funnel, increasing your profits even further!

Last but by no means least, is something I believe every online business should indulge in! Selling other people’s products for a commission. You’ve done all the hard work of building a list and community, and unless you plan on bringing out a new product each month, you’ll want to offer your community other products of value.

Here’s what we’ll cover in Week 12;

  • Where to source the best affiliate products and deals that are of maximum benefit to your community
  • How to piggy back of other people’s product launches
  • How to stand out above the affiliate crowd and create awesome bonuses for your subscribers (I’ve won many an affiliate contest with this strategy)
  • My behind closed doors, warts and all, 3 month $65,000 affiliate case study.
  • Your weekly tasks and goals checklist

By the end of Week 12, you’ll have added Affiliate marketing to your arsenal and increased your profits even further!

But the main thing is you’ll be doing affiliate marketing well and with integrity.


Plus Live Webinars

Please note everything you see above is how I built my Online Marketing business which has afforded me the luxury of working from home for the last 5 years, travelling the world and helping thousands of people create a better life!

You can’t ask for a more fulfilling career!

I’d also like to add that I’ve just launched a new online business and I’m following the exact same steps which I’ll be sharing with you along the way in Live Webinars which I’ll be presenting to you every 2 weeks thoughout the 12 week coaching program.

The webinars will be a chance for me to show you my results and for you to ask questions, get critiqued, get direct support and ensure you’re staying on track!


What Else is Available to You Forever When You Join Our Community

The training vault is a collection of all my most recent up to date video training courses including;

FB Domination (Value $97) - My flagship Facebook course taking you from FB flounderer to FB Master in 3 Content Packed modules

30 Day List Building Challenge (Value $97) - An easy to follow course with a video a day for 30 days giving you strategies to rapidly build your email list

Instant Sale List Building Funnel (Value $47) - Building on what you've learned from the coaching program, the ISLBF is the crux of how to make a profit while building a list!

Blog Launch (Value $97) - Follow my journey as I build and grow a brand new blog and business

The Power of Focus (Value $47) - Define your purpose, clarify your goals and set your focus with this powerful course aimed at ensuring your mind set is set for success!

WP 101 (Value $47) - A detailed technical course on everything you need to know to create, customise, and grow a wordpress site.

Total Retail Value - $432!

But as a member of the Online Marketing Academy this is all included for free! :)


Cool Tools is a collection of software, plugins and tools I use in my own business. Constantly being updated with new tools we find to help you, here's some of what's in there right now...

Easy FB Graphics (Value $49) - Create timeline covers, FB Ads, profile images, tab pics and much more quickly and easily with this super cool piece of kit!

Easy Ecovers (Value $49) - Create ecovers and product images, in 2D or 3D in minutes. Hundreds of ebook cover graphics and templates included for you to simply drag, drop and customise!

Easy Infographics (Value $49) - If you want to make your blog fly, add infographics! Infinitely viral, this tool makes creating infographics a doddle, with hundreds of drag & drop images, including maps, graphs, people and much more.

Easy Headers & Banners (Value $49) - Create header images for blogs, websites, sales pages you name it! Packed with hundreds of ready made headers and banners that you can customise and use in a few clicks!

Easy Sale Page Graphics (Value $27) - Brighten up any sales page with colourful headlines, guarantee boxes, testimonials, add to cart buttons and much more.

Easy Offline Graphics (Value $49) - Have clients with offline businesses? Create flyers, business cards, leaflets, discount coupons and much more with this platform. Again, hundreds of ready made templates make it super easy to customise and use!

Secure Members Only URL Shortener (Value $37) - The challenge with public URL shorteners is the amount of people who use and abuse them ensuring that sites like Facebook and google flag many shortened links as spam. Create secure, cloaked and clean shortened links with our tool only available to members.

Total Retail Value - $309

But as a member of the Online Marketing Academy this is all included for free! :)


The archives houses video training courses and webinar replays from as far back as 2011.

Due to constant changes in the social media and online world some of the platforms have updated their look and feel, but the principles remain the same, hence we've handpicked only the courses and videos we feel are still super relevant in todays online world.

Trainings include LinkedIn, You Tube, List Building, Product Creation, Content Marketing, Mindset and much more...


At the heart and soul of the Academy is the community!

Made up of both aspiring and already successful lifetsyle entrepreneurs, it's an open, friendly and supportive environment where everyone is willing to help, encourage and advise their fellow online freedom crusader!

Here's what some members of the community have to say;


This all sounds pretty awesome, right?

And it is!  

But, I'd completely understand if right now you're still wondering ...

 Is The Online Marketing Academy Right For Me?

You're busy.  

You have a to-do list so long it would give the Great Wall of China an inferiority complex.  

And even though you're probably hustling through all the hours God gives, doing everything you can to push, pull, shove or throw your business up to the next level, you know the awful feeling of laying awake in the middle of the night, staring up at the ceiling, wondering and worrying how you'll keep the whole thing up and running.  

If that sounds like you, then I'm pleased to announce that the Online Marketing Academy was created specifically with you in mind.  

Here's why:

  • You won't have to waste your time on something that may or may not work. (I'm giving you an inside look at the exact same strategies I use every single day in my online business.)
  • You won't have to worry about information overload slowing down your progress. (Each topic is laid out in a way that makes sense and empowers you to achieve real results as quickly as possible.)
  • You won't have to continue to struggle on your own. (I'll be with you every step of the way instructing, supporting and cheering you along towards a thriving business and financial freedom.)  

Will it be intense? – You bet!  

Will it take hard work? – Heck yes!  

Can you do it? – ABSOLUTELY!  

Because if I can make a comfortable living online that gives me the freedom to work when I want and where I want using the tips, techniques, strategies, and secrets I'm going to reveal to you in the Online Marketing Academy – then so can you!


 Here's What Men & Women Just Like You Have To Say About Working With Me

“Just finished the final webinar of Jo's Forever Traffic course and can highly recommend it. The content, and support, is absolutely fantastic - I've learned a tremendous amount about getting traffic to my opt-in pages and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I can honestly say without the course I don't think I'd have finished creating my product so for that alone THANK YOU Jo!”

Karen James, KLJ Social Media

“Jo Barnes has a uncanny ability to provide exactly the right content you need, in a very easy to understand fashion, to succeed in any niche you are in, right out of the gate. I've been following Jo Barnes for several years now, and she has yet to disappoint with any of her content or offerings. Jo is truly a gifted presenter and online marketer. I would, and have already, trusted her with providing me with all the information I need to exceed all my goals in any niche I have decided to enter online. Thank you Jo ! You are truly gifted and rock as a person. Cheers ! "

Edward Palmer


Gail Sibley -

“If you own a business and don't have a web or social media presence your missing the boat. Just keep in mind your competitor stays up late sharpening his/her skills. If you want the ability to crush them at their own game then you need start now. Finding Jo Barnes has been without a doubt the best investment I have made in myself and my businesses. I can delete all the emails I get from other Social Media Gurus's since Jo has the latest updates on all the changes effecting my marketing. It not only saves me time but it truly gives ME the edge. I also want to thank you for taking the time to reach out and personally answer my questions. Thanks for all you do Jo! <------- Definitely not a paid endorsement!”

Steven Hale


“OMG , I can't say enough about Jo’s training. Jo Barnes is one of the nicest, most down to earth people. The customer service is ridiculously good, and you never feel like you are out of reach of talking with Jo. Sorry to gush, but Jo and her team are the true definition of over delivering. The content is brilliant. Always fresh, always updated. And Jo's teaching style keeps you coming back!”

Casey Zeman -


Cheryl Lynn -

There are Online Marketing Trainers and then there's Jo Barnes. What sets her apart is her realism and sense of humor that makes learning from her a joy rather than a highly scripted and rehearsed seminar/webinar. While I can only speak for myself, I'm sure many of her other students will agree, courses by Jo Barnes are not only an effective way to learn online marketing, but because she has a way of leaving her students pumped up and anxious to immediately implement what they've learned, that is why she has so many success stories from her students.I cannot possibly give a high enough recommendation for Jo Barnes Online Marketing Courses because words just can't explain how good she is at what she does.

Mike Claggett 

 The #1 Reason To Join The Online Marketing Academy Today

The #1 reason to join today?  

Because the sooner you join the Online Marketing Academy the sooner you'll receive the training, support and strategies that have the potential to transform your life.  

Another great reason to join today?  

You can get in for just $497!

Other Reasons to Join;

  • You will be taken on a step by step, week by week journey to creating and growing a profitable business
  • All the videos are presented in a fun and easy to understand manner
  • You're part of a fantastic community of amazing like minded people who are online 24 / 7 (across the globe) to help, support, encourage and empathise!
  • You get to speak to me directly to ask any questions you want and for me to kick you up the bum where needed!
  • You are held accountable by myself and your peers
  • Unlimited access to the members area to watch the videos / download the materials as many times as you like
  • Loads of IT and technical support from our fantastic technical 'guru' 


With the frequent changes to online strategies & social media you need a one stop shop that constantly and consistently updates you on all those changes and explains what that means for your business and how to benefit and exploit those changes.  

 Plus - There is No Risk!

Try The Online Marketing Academy today with complete confidence thanks to my No Risk, Solid Gold, 100% Satisfaction 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Here's how it works:  

Join the OMA today.

As soon as you do you'll receive immediate access to the membership site and the community.

Take the training and in the very unlikely event that you're not completely thrilled (not merely “happy”, my friend, but THRILLED), then just shoot me an email within 30 Days – that's a full calendar month! – for a quick and courteous refund of every penny of your purchase.

Fair enough?

 YES Jo – I'm In!

I'm 100% ready to take action and create a business and life that I love!

I know that as a member of the Online Marketing Academy I'll receive lifetime access to all of the results-driven video trainings, guides, checklists, tools and other goodies you've got waiting for me inside, for just one payment of $497.  

I also understand that there are no contracts to sign and that I can cancel and get a full refund at anytime in the next 30 days.

If you want to be shown how to build an online business that generates enough monthly income to support your lifestyle and give you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world whether that be your kitchen table or from a beach in Fiji…

Then click the "Get Started Today" button below right now!


 Only $497 for Lifetime Access

See you on the inside!

Jo Barnes :)

I created the Online Marketing Academy to help YOU succeed and I can't wait to work with you, support you and help you along the way on this exciting journey.     

Join today and let's start growing your freedom business together!



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