Mind, Money & Marketing Show – Episode #8 – Creating Your First 5 Figure Month with Tina Sibley

UnknownThis was a proud moment for me. Interviewing one of my very own students who I have watched grow and develop and learn and grow more over the last couple of years.

Tina is an absolute joy to work with. She has a bubbly and vivacious personality which just lifts anyone who happens to cross her path and she is a prime example of the kind of grit and determination needed to make this business work.

If you’re working hard to grow your business and have moments of doubt then this interview will inspire you to keep going as you CAN DO IT! :)

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With the whole way that the internet is going, opt in pages are OK, great, fab. Sales pages are fab. But it’s that relationship building that counts and there’s nothing that builds a relationship better than webinars.

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, how are you doing? Jo Barnes here and welcome to another session of mind, money and marketing.


Today we’re talking to the very lovely Tina Sibley of…is it webinar Diva Tina? Can I just double check, is it Webinar Diva? Yeah, Webinar Diva.

Tina: Yes, absolutely.

Jo: We’re going to talk a bit more about that as we go through. I wanted to have Tina on today’s show because Tina and I have known each other a while now. Tina, I think, started with me a while ago as a Social Network Academy member.

We obviously have grown to get to know each other and more recently, last year in 2012, Tina joined myself and my friend and business colleague, Jared, on a new coaching program that we launched and so we worked very closely with Tina on her business and very recently, Tina had her very first five figure month which is super exciting.

What’s going to be great about talking to Tina this morning is grilling her all about what it takes to begin to make those all-important sales in your online business.

Welcome Tina, how are you doing?

Tina: Thank you Jo, I am doing tremendously, thank you. It is such an honor to be here with you, it really is. I’m super excited.

Jo: It’s just gone five, quarter past five in the morning here in Thailand and it’s 11:00 or quarter past 11:00 at night, is it Tina, in Plymouth in England.

Tina: That’s right, indeedy. I’m a night owl so that works well for me.

Jo: Yeah and I’m a morning person, so absolutely. I’m not your typical internet marketer. Come 9:00, I’m in bed. That’s me done for the day. Tina, tell us a bit about yourself. Tell us a bit about your career pre-beginning a business online and what lead you to the point of starting your online business.

Tina: Well, basically, what lead me to start being online was, quite simply, the bottom had dropped out of my market. I became a freelance trainer and a coach. Went off and did the whole the NLP practitioner. Got really excited about that.

Did my master practice in that and then somebody said, you’d make a great coach. And I thought, what a fabulous way to earn a living through making other people’s dreams come true and I’d already done all the business.

I came from, previously came from a corporate background. I had got an HR degree and all of that malarkey and initially, when I first went self-employed, crikey, back in 2000 now…oh, is it really that long ago?

Back in 2000, I was an associate freelance trainer and I was making really nice money and I thought, yeah this is the way to go. And then with that horrible recession word and all the corporate people that I was training with, they started slashing budgets and taking, you get that dreadful conversation, oh we’re doing all our training, coaching in house now.

I just found that, also along the way I was kind of pretty much a generalist. I learned that to be successful the people that were still making money and being successful were the ones who specialized. I started getting involved with speaking. Again, while I was at my coaching program, somebody said to me, “You’d make a good speaker. Have you ever thought about speaking other than just training?”

I joined Toast Master’s and I got all involved with the professional speaker’s academy and went on all the training courses I could get my hands on. And that was me. I think the truth of the matter is, Jo, I would have loved to have been some kind of rock goddess.

You know, I would have loved to be on stage strutting my stuff because, let’s face it, I like an audience. It wasn’t always like that. Actually, many moons ago, I was actually too frightened to speak but I think my confidence grew and developed.

I would love to have been a bit of a performer but the truth of the matter is, I can’t sing a note, so the opportunity to be on stage and get applause without having to sing was kind of quite appealing. And I loved it.

Then, I kind of found that because I actually had to overcome a fear of it and I noticed that loads of people were saying what a big deal it was for them and I started helping people and I really, really loved it. I went, “This is it. This is my passion. This is for me.”

But I was struggling like anything to make enough money with the offline business and I’d come to the conclusion that I was fed up anyway of chasing around the country looking for work and locally, as much as I adore Plymouth, Plymouth is a fabulous place to live…it’s not really got the massive vibrant business community and economy. It’s really quite small.

I just wasn’t getting enough to live on. So, I was faced with the choice of either having to move to a bigger city and I considered moving to either Bristol or London and my heart sank. I’m really super attached to the sea. If I’m not within a two minute walk of the sea or preferably having it outside my window, I just kind of…just go into a complete flat spiral and just the thought of moving to London just filled me with dread and then, somebody told me about, well, why don’t you take your business online?

My first reaction was, well how stupid is that? It was like, well, surely I have to have a… if I’m going to teach public speaking and presentation skills, I need to have to have a room full of people. I need to have bums on seats. Then, a long story short, I started thinking, well, if it’s a way that I can stay living where I am and living where I want to be.

When I first got my, the first ever program that I invested in I just kind of looked at it and I went, this is it! I burst into tears because I was so emotional that I’d been scrambling around in the dark and then suddenly, I went, this is it.

It was that concept of not actually, the old fashioned training and it’s just selling your knowledge and not your time. I’d never heard of that, I’d never come across it and it was just like a complete revelation to me.

It’s been slow, as you know, but finally it’s happening. I’m like pinching myself. I can’t quite believe that it’s…it’s just completely changed my life, and I can see….

Jo: How long ago was that, Tina? How long ago was it that you got that first program?

Tina: It was almost three years ago. It was probably three years ago, right now. And I’ll tell you what happened. I remember vividly. So if you’d been with me, you would have been sat in my bedroom. I was at that stage. Talk about the lowest of the low. Kind of, I had got to a stage where I couldn’t even afford my own apartment.

I was living in a bedroom in a shared house. It was damp, it was horrid. I hated it. I was sharing with a whole load of other people and having to share bathrooms and kitchens and that kind of stuff, which I hated.

I remember I was waiting for some feedback. I had been coaching a guy up in Aberdeen and he was a big wig in the gas and oil industry and he’d had to speak at a big conference and I wanted to know how he got on.

Finally, because although he left the day with me I saw all of that to me is no measure. My measure is how you did on the night. And I got the phone call to say it was amazing. And I just put down the phone after hearing he was so incredibly happy, it’d gone really, really well.

I put down the phone and I just burst into tears. My partner was with me and he said, what’s the matter, didn’t it go well? I said, brilliantly. He says,well why are you upset for heaven’s sake? I just said well, and I’ll clean this up a little bit, but if I’m so blinking good, why am I so blinking broke?

That was the transition. That was pretty much three years ago it and it took me until Christmas. It was Christmas that I, between October and Christmas that I found out about the internet and I actually signed up for the program just before Christmas and it just set me on a completely new path which I’m very grateful for.

Jo: Can you remember what program that was? Can you say that out loud?

Tina: I can. It was a program by Bernadette Doyle [SP] and it was called Stepping Out. No, it was Stepping Up, Stepping Up. It was just my first foray into it and I’m very grateful for it just beginning to open my eyes up and putting me on that path. So that is something I’ll always be grateful for.

I think if I’d have found the SNA instead, I think I would have kind of shortcut a few places and maybe, not have spent as much, but I have to say it was, it opened my eyes up, it put me on the right path and I’m very grateful for it.

Jo: Nice. Can I say absolutely…don’t they say something along the lines of, when the student is ready the teacher will appear?

Tina: Absolutely.

Jo: Yeah and certain programs and things will kind of drop into your lap to open the doors and open your eyes to all the possibilities that are out there, so it’s phenomenal. So tell us a bit about what’s happened over the last three years, then Tina. Obviously, running an online business is no easy journey, as many people would love for it to be.

Tina: Oh, I wish.

Jo: Talk us through a little bit about some of the ups and downs over the last three years.

Tina: Well, once I…the first thing that really opened by eyes was when I went to Bernadette’s conference in January of 2000 and…what would that be, ’11? The thing that really I started to understand was how many people were out there who were doing this kind of stuff and how much money individuals were spending.

I kind of, the first few programs I invested in I think to be honest, I tried it…and maybe, I don’t know, maybe we were encouraged or maybe I just read into it. I think my biggest mistake was I tried to run before I could walk and I remember really being encouraged to do our very first webinar which would launch a program which was going to cost 997 pounds, bearing in mind, that I had no list.

I mean, six months previously I’d never even heard of an auto responder, let alone, what? How do you do that? So I had no list, I had no clue, I had no Facebook page, I had no idea. No clue.

Yet here I was just trying to follow a template and think I was going to run a webinar and I was going to sell 20 programs at 997 pounds. I don’t think any of us on that particular program sold any…well, actually, I think there were about 100 of us. Two people sold something.

I think again, it was just being too ambitious too soon and not getting to understand and not getting to grips with the basics. I think the very first thing is you have to really do your homework on the basics and without that. nothing happens. It was like building that proverbial castle on sand, quicksand as well.

It was so disappointing. I was gutted. I thought this was going to be my lifesaver and it didn’t happen. But I think one of the things it did give me was hope. Because I could tell as we were going through the process, I started to get the gist, hang on a minute, this isn’t failing because of me, this is failing because of the model.

I could see that actually, what we needed to do was build a following and sell lower priced products and all that kind of thing. And then I kind of wandered out into the wilderness thinking, well now what?


Jo: Actually, it’s funny you talk about that because I remember in my…oh gosh it was my first year, I think, of internet marketing, I’d had some very small successes with one of my smaller programs. I hadn’t yet sold the SNA, it was pre-the SNA and I’d just sold a couple of products that were like $27.00 and $47.00.

I was just kind of really breaking my teeth into the business and I was invited to go and speak at an event in New Zealand in Auckland and the guys wanted me to sell a product and the minimum price point I could put on it was $2000.00.

I remember getting onto the stage and I had no confidence and actually, at that point, that it was more about me than the system because on stage selling definitely works. But I was not ready to sell a $2000.00 product. I didn’t have the confidence, I didn’t feel I had the experience.

It was all about my own insecurities, really, and my own lack of…insecurities that what I’m looking for. My own lack of feeling about whether I could deliver something that was worth $2000.00 to all of these people, you know. Of course, out of all the people that were speaking that weekend, the only one that didn’t make any sales whatsoever was me.


But you know, fast forward three years and I could go on stage now and sell something for $2000.00 and I could probably do it very confidently. So it’s interesting that you say that. Do you feel that perhaps with a bit more confidence and a bit more experience behind you that to go and do something…I mean it’s funny actually because recently I interview a guy called Minesh for one of my money marketing shows a couple of weeks ago. I interviewed Minesh.

One of the very first times I met Minesh, we were talking about this very issue. Whether or not you have the confidence to sell at a high price or actually, whether it’s something that you grow into and one of my pieces of advice for beginners online.

I’d love to know what you feel about this, Tina, is that if you go out there and put too much pressure on yourself as a beginner online, if you go out there and start to say, I must sell that at $1000.00 or $500.00 or $2000.00, then you put up so many barriers to your possible success because you’ve got to break through so much of the comfort zone to get there.

Yet, if you take all that pressure off yourself and you just say, you know, it doesn’t matter. I’m going to go and sell something for $7.00 or $17.00 or $27.00 because all I want to know right now is how you do it.

Tina: Absolutely.

Jo: What’s the system for doing it? How do I break through and then, once I got the system down and I know what I’m doing, then I can take it to the next level and the next level and the next level as my confidence grows. What’s your thought on that?

Tina: Absolutely. 1000% agree. Because for us, one of the reasons I say I think it was the system is because we were taught kind of what to do. Yeah, go and promote yourself on social media, get on Facebook, get on Twitter, get on LinkedIn, but we weren’t really told how to do it and also we were doing it too soon.

First of all, too soon, we didn’t have any connections. We didn’t have any joint venture partners, we didn’t have any social media following. I think I had 100 friends on Facebook if that. Yeah, less than that, I think.

It was a combination of that and on top of that, I didn’t have the confidence, as well. Although I think, maybe, right at the very beginning, I was probably a bit ignorant in, I probably think I had kind of false confidence at first because I thought, oh this is the way that it is.

Then I kind of took a massive nose dive because then, I started to do more exploring and find out what was out there and then, when I actually saw the caliber of the people who were selling programs at 997 pounds I went, well how can I do that? I’m nowhere near in their league. And definitely, I did have a real massive crash of confidence.

Then, as you say, I built it up. I think the other thing I was trying to do in the beginning, I was trying to do an awful lot with inadequate equipment. I had a really old computer and everybody was saying to me, it’s easy, just make a video and just upload it onto YouTube. That was fine if you didn’t have a computer that was about 10 years old and just not up to the job and it just wasn’t happening.

So, fortunately, a really good friend of mine that said, I’ve got a computer sat under my bed that’s not doing anything, do you want it? Yes, please. Gradually, started upgrading stuff.

I was just clueless and I think the biggest thing is to get the right learning and keep learning because for me, technology was massive and my biggest bug there, there are so many wonderful developers out there…I hope you can’t hear that, the fire alarm’s just gone off in my building. Can you hear it?

Jo: I can just hear something very in the background.

Tina: Just going to shut the door…no don’t come in…

Jo: Do you need to, do you need to get out…do you to…

Tina: No, no, no it’s always happening. It’s one of those, I think somebody downstairs has probably burnt their toast. One of these days though, it goes off so often, one of these days, it’s actually going to be a real fire and we’ll all just ignore it.


But it’s really annoying. It always happens when I’m live on air or whatever. Anyway, where was I? I got completely off…

Jo: It’s all right; I want to ask you a specific question. Tell us when your breakthrough moment was. What do you feel was your breakthrough moment online?

Tina: My breakthrough moment was when…my biggest breakthrough moment was that, because of my lack of confidence, I went into student mode and I just learned and learned and learned and learned.

It wasn’t until I realized that, continuous learning is good but if I’m going to get anywhere, I’ve got to have the confidence and the courage to actually put a mentor hat on myself and make that switch.

I’d read so many things and interviews about this whole, you just got to get out there and claim it. And it wasn’t until I actually thought, do you know what? I’m going to do it. I’m going to start running webinars on what I know best, about public speaking.

I’m just going to get practice and I’m going to start doing it and again, it was just selling…my very first sale was a product which was $7.00 and you know this, because it was under your inspiration when you said, build a product in a day and I did it.

I sold four and I was like over the moon. I just liked doing it. I think it was, that breakthrough was a mind shift in stopping…well, not stopping being a student because I’m going to be a student forever.

At some stage, you have to step out of that and step into the kind of teacher mode I guess, for want of a better word. And if you’re going to make money online selling what you know and teaching what you know, you got to start teaching. So, I think it was just doing it.

Jo: You’ve got to go from a point of learning this stuff and then, actually putting it into action.

Tina: Yeah, absolutely. Definitely.

Jo: Actually taking what you’re learning and then, going out there and making it actually work.

Tina: Yeah. Kind of, stuffing what people who might criticize you are going to say and just thinking, okay, it doesn’t matter because it is scary, you know? For me I put a lot of pressure on myself because being a presentation school’s trainer, I kept thinking, oh, but my stuff’s got to be really good then.

My presentations have got to be perfect. My videos have got to be perfect. My opt-in page and etc., etc., and you know, when it came to webinars, initially, I was new to the technology. It was a different way of presenting than what I’d been used to.

I kept waiting until my knowledge and skill was as good online as it used to be offline. I just thought, there’s only one way I became good at speaking on stage and that was by doing it and putting my foot in my mouth so many times.

I thought, I’ve just got to repeat that online then, I’ve just got to do the webinars, I’ve got to make the mistakes, I’ve got to have the outtakes. I thought, right, that’s just the way it is.

For me as well, it’s that…it’s really encouraging that the world is changing because in the past, presenters always used to have to be a bit like the BBC. Kind of all a bit stiff and proper and the way it’s going now, people don’t actually want that anyway, people want more relaxed, which is great for me because that’s my style. I prefer to be relaxed. So…

Jo: Great for me, too. Because, can I just say that while you’re talking, I’m sat here playing with my hair because every time I come on screen, I know I’m having a particularly bad hair day today and I’m thinking to myself, don’t worry about it, Jo, it’s a hang out, people will be forgiving.

Just, thank God that the world is changing and is more relaxed today because quite frankly, Tina, that being said what you’ve just been talking about there, about obviously making mistakes and just taking action and doing it and stuffing what other people say and all that kind of stuff.

With that being said, what do you think has been, not only for you taking on board your own experiences, but also, looking at people around you, what would you say is one of the things that really does hold people back from moving closer to their goals and achieving what they want?

What would you say has been some of the things that’s really held you back and that you can look around you now and really empathize with other people out there and say, gosh I know what’s holding you back. If I could grab you and say, go and do this because it will move you past it, what would you say?

Tina: I think the biggest thing is procrastination, probably based out of fear. Thinking that we’ve got to have all our little ducks lined up in a row before we go out and do something. I don’t know, I’ve been guilty of that especially when it comes to technology.

I kind of thought I had to really get my head around all the technology and get it working and, oh crikey, the number of times I’ve been in tears because I couldn’t make something work and I kind of think…and I wish looking back I’d been more savvy about getting people to help me.

I’m blown away by the generosity of people and f you just ask and you just say to somebody out there on any of the forums or whatever, I’m trying to do this and I can’t do it, help. People are so willing to help and I think that’s the biggest thing is just recognize that you can’t be good at it all and where you’re not, just ask for help. And even, outsource.

It’s difficult in the beginning because you don’t know what you’re outsourcing and you don’t know who to outsource to. But again, that’s where asking people who have been in the game for a little bit longer. They know who to outsource to. They know what a good rate is. They know where to go to, to find those people.

And you know, good old Fiver, I’ve had some brilliant jobs done for me on Fiver, which previously, I would have spent weeks trying to do myself and not having the success with it that I wanted to.

Jo: Don’t get caught up in the tech stuff is the message there. I’ve seen so many people get caught up in the tech stuff and sometimes, I think it’s a bit of an excuse. If I do tech stuff all day then, I am actually doing something. I’m kind of justifying the fact that I’m doing something.

Tina: Yeah and you know for me, this weekend I’ve just kind of taken on board the big leap to go from AWeber into Infusionsoft and I started struggling with it because I was trying to set up a webinar and have it speak to my webinar platform.

I just thought, oh stuff this. I contacted somebody and I went, right there you go that’s what I wanted you to do. What I did was, I found somebody who wanted to learn Infusionsoft to offer it as a syllabus for other people, so I got a really good discount rate by saying, well look, you can have my login and you can learn to use it and obviously, he’s going to have to have my login anyway to do my tech stuff. It’s a real win-win.

You haven’t got to pay top dollar all the time but because he’s a techy guy, I knew he’d pick it up really quickly and he did, so it was fantastic for both of us. I said to him, I said, I can feel a joint program coming on here. I’ll introduce it; you’ll do the techy bits because there’s going to be so many people.”

I’ve already had…because I actually posted it on Facebook, I said, been struggling with technology feeling relief, just got rid of it and I had about three people jumping on saying, who did you outsource it to, can we have an introduction?

Jo: Oh, yeah. Yeah, technical is one of the areas that people always look for. Tina I just want to touch on mentors because I know when I introduced you, I talked about the fact that you worked with me for a while, but I know that I wasn’t the only one.

I know you’ve had two or three key mentors in your business now. What would you say have been the good parts of that? What do you feel has been positive about having mentors? Do you think that having mentors is hugely important for people with businesses online or with businesses generally?

Tina: Yeah, without a shadow of a doubt, absolutely. If I hadn’t gone through my mentoring programs, I would probably still be banging my head against a brick wall, still procrastinating, still wandering around trying new different things because I would think that that wasn’t working and a lot of the time, I think it would have been because I was frightened to put my head about the parapet.

I can honestly say that it was the fastest thing that’s propelled me forward and my only thing I would do differently is I would have done it sooner. Because first of all, when I joined your program it was brilliant. If there’s one thing the lovely Jo doesn’t do, is sit there and have a nice fluffy chat.

It’s kind of that boot up the bum when you need it. I remember once I went through a real bit of doing stuff and thinking, I remember getting that feeling and I’m sure loads of people could relate to this, but I felt that I was talking to the wall. I felt like Shirley Valentine that I was talking to the wall and nobody was listening.

I remember you just said, basically snap out of it, pull yourself together, we’ve got business to do and it was what I needed to hear. But not only that, it was the advice and strategy and stuff which I didn’t know about because we’re all coaches, we can to a certain extent, coach yourself into the right mindset.

What you can’t teach yourself if you don’t know it is the strategy and the tools and a lot of the stuff that we learned was just humongous. But then, what I wanted was to really go wider and then I started getting mentoring off a guy called Nick James.

I remember the reason I went to Nick was because when we were looking at the whole speaking side of things, we were discussing, you know what, one of the things that would make sense is for me to start getting involved more in teaching webinars because they are, after all, online presentations.

I remember saying, yeah, there’s only one problem there, Jo, I don’t really know an awful lot about webinars and I’m quite new to them myself and I remember you saying, well you best get learning then. So I did. I mean that was, crikey, that must have been about nine months ago, now that was quite early in and so I did.

I immersed myself, and Nick James ran a two day webinar workshop and I thought right. I remember also saying, how do you meet joint ventures? I remember Jared saying to me, go to conferences. Go where people hang out, go to the conferences, go to the workshops.

I thought, right, a two day webinar workshop will kill two birds with one stone. It will put me in touch with people and it will give me all the stuff I want to learn about webinars. Then, they did the sell to the mastermind program and that was also a great buying decision because through that, I’ve got other joint venture partners.

I’m being invited to be on an expert panel for a coach support service. I’ve been introduced to so many wonderful people who are now starting to take notice of what I do and it was just…and I actually like as well, one thing I like about that is I am a people person and although I love the online thing, they meet physically once a month and I really enjoy that.

I get a lot out of that physical meet up, as well. And then, I got brave. I thought, okay, if I’m going to throw my hat in the ring as being public speaking trainer and presentation skills and webinar and all of that, I need to benchmark myself against the best. I decided to take a look at what Andy Harrington is doing.

I, again, spent a fortune going through his training. But when I put together…it was like a jigsaw and all of those pieces came together…when I put together the stuff that you taught me, the stuff that Nick taught me and the stuff that Andy taught me that was when it was like magic and I had that first five figure month.

It was like everything, all the learning just came together. And it was like bingo. And it was amazing. None of that…that five figure month would not have happened without that mentoring. Not at all. I’m convinced. I’d still be probably doing a few 47s here and maybe a 37 there and a 27 there. But once I got on board with you and Jared and then, Nick and then, got greedy because to be honest, the mentoring I had with you was so good, I just got greedy and I thought, well, what else can I buy?

Jo: What else can I do now? So talking to people who are just starting out, Tina or maybe have been kind of going at it a while. What’s your advice to them? What do they need to be doing consistently to be building that business and to be getting to the point where they do their first five figure month?

Tina: Well, the first I would say is get a mentor because it’s so much easier having your hand held throughout the process. The second thing is, not stop learning. That’s not the right way of saying it, but start putting yourself out there. Just do it.

And for me, with the whole way that the internet is going, opt in pages are OK, great, fab. Sales pages are fab. But it’s that relationships building and there’s nothing that builds a relationship better than webinars. That’s kind of, again, why I went into that. Because I could see that and I was using you as a role model and I thought, what is it that Jo is doing that attracts such a great following?

I’ll be honest, I used to look at the engagement on the SNA group and page and I would be so jealous. I would say all these people are just chatting and interacting and you go over to my page and it’s like the wilderness. You’ve got this roll of…driftwood…or whatever it is…tumbleweed. That’s it. Tumbleweed kind of blowing through. It’s like a ghost town.

But then I thought, what you do is you do those regular webinars and people have got to know you through doing those regular webinars. So I thought, right well that’s what I want to do then and I still truly believe that a webinar is number one the best vehicle for showcasing your products and services.

But, number two, it’s the best showcase for you, where your potential customers in your tribe can get to know you. You know, at the end of the day, I know it’s a cliché, but we buy from people we know, like and trust.

I thought, that’s the way of getting…and I actually say as well…be brave and again like you do, you do a lot of hangouts and stuff and you do a lot of videos where people could see you and connect with you. A lot of people do hide behind the voice of PowerPoint presentation.

That’s good for the first couple of times maybe, when the nerves are kicking in. But be seen. Have a webcam in your webinars. Use hangouts as a type of webinar where people can really connect with you as a person and I think that makes a big difference,

Jo: And you’ve had your fair share of webinar disasters as well, haven’t you Tina?

Tina: Oh, absolutely.

Jo: A lot of people are like, I want to do a webinar but gosh, I’m so worried I’m going to make a mistake and I always repeat all of my first few webinars, which were absolutely complete corkers, quite frankly. In fact, I got known as being the webinar disaster queen at one point. You’ve had your fair share of disasters as well, haven’t you?

Tina: Absolutely. Yeah. This is where I think I could quite honestly and authentically say that catchphrase, I’ve made that mistake so you don’t have to. But no, seriously, I used to do things like forget to record them.

I have no replay to send out so I would have to sit there and do the whole thing again just so I could send out a replay. Or I’ve messed things up massively and certainly, even though I’d kind of been doing webinars a while and I’d already decided to play the webinar diva spot, because I’m just claiming that.

I thought, right after the work, after the research I’m just going to step into it and claim it. Then I thought, okay, let’s start playing with hangouts, and I was being interviewed by the lovely Julie Sommers for a hangout and she asked me a question and I hadn’t realized…you know, you get the ten second count down to where it goes on air and I was talking about the whole presenter, that it’s like all stiff, can I say what I said? Or shall I clean it up a bit…

…sort of stuck up your backside and it started filming and it started recording just at that point. I think we lost you there for a minute Jo but…

Jo: Yeah, did you lose me or did I lose you?

Tina: I have no idea.

Jo: Good, you carrying on, excellent then…the recording should be absolutely fine, you carry on.

Tina: I was just telling about the Julie story with it just started to record at the moment when I said about having a broom up the backside. Course nobody knew what context that was in, so…and Julie stopped me and we both sat about laughing and we had to redo it.

But even when we redid it, she was sat there doing the introduction at the start and I got a fit of the giggles and I’m just sitting there going….you know. Oh deary.

But yeah, do you know the funny thing is, I’ve had so many technical disasters as well, where things have gone wrong and people keep saying to me that they can really respect that I just keep going and just deal with it.

It’s really strange because I think I’ve got more credibility for handling the disasters than I would have got if it the disasters never happened if that makes sense. It’s strange and…

Jo: Tina, I know exactly what you’re talking about. I know exactly what you’re talking about because it’s exactly how I built my business. The fact of the matter is, I think people appreciate the fact that we’re real and that it’s not all perfect and it’s not all rose tinted and not everything looks amazing and turns out amazing every single time. That there are disasters, that we do make mistakes and I think the reason people appreciate that is because they look at it…it’s kind of a backhanded compliment really…they kind of look and they say, well, if you can do it, I can do it.

Tina: Absolutely. But that’s what I want. That is what I want for my people. I don’t want my tribe to think, oh my gosh, isn’t she wonderful I could never do that. I want people to say, I can do that.

Yeah, I want people to say she’s amazing but I want to be real enough that people can say, I can do that. The big tip is you just develop the webinar face. Or the speaking face. It’s a bit like the swan gliding and poised on top and underneath you’re paddling like hell and what’s behind the eyes that people don’t see is, oh my gosh, what happens next? Now what do I do?


Jo: Yeah. You become a queen of the impromptu cover-up.

Tina: Absolutely, absolutely.

Jo: No, that was meant to happen, that was meant to happen.

Tina: Yeah, absolutely.

Jo: Yeah, yeah, no, I was supposed to not be able to figure out how to turn off my webinar. Anyway, Tina, I just want to ask you inspirational wise. Is there anything that you have read? A book you’ve read or a film you’ve watched or a person that you’ve followed.

Through any time through your life. It doesn’t have to be over the last couple of years but just through your life has really kind of inspired you that you would like to share with us?

Tina: It’s so many really. Obviously for me, Tony Robbins was a massive influence when I first got into coaching and NLP. More recently I just loved Brendan Brachard and his book, “The Charge” was fantastic.

I’ll be honest though, personally, the greatest inspiration for me, it wasn’t anybody famous, but it was one of my closest friends. And I think for me a big tip would be, surround yourself by the right people. One of my closest friends is another SNA member, Linda McGrory. She is amazing and I’ve been able to turn to her…

Jo: Hi Linda!

Tina: …for anything and we’ve developed a kind of…when things are going wrong when we have a tantrum. We’ve got this little person that we called Little Missy. So instead of being bogged down with, oh I’m feeling frustrated and I feel like giving up. We kind of put it into the third person.

This is Linda’s creation and I just nicked it, I adopted it with her permission. We just say, oh Little Missy’s having a right tantrum today. Little Missy feels like giving up.” Just that ability to put it into the third person and detach, that for me has been the biggest inspiration and the biggest technique that’s got me through so many hard times.

Jo: Basically what you’re telling me is that you and Linda, two grown women have created an invisible friend?

Tina: Absolutely.

Jo: And that’s your biggest inspiration. Awesome. Takes all sorts, ladies and gentlemen. Doesn’t it? Clearly takes all sorts.


Tina: But it’s funny because that little invisible friend, you can either give her a kick up the backside or you can give her a cuddle. It works. It so works.


Jo: Oh that’s classic. Absolutely classic.

Tina: I keep telling her we’ve got to write a book about Little Missy one day.

Jo: I think that would go a long way to clarifying that, yep, I think that would be good. No, I jest. I’m sorry. Good.

It shows, what works, what keeps you inspired, what keeps you going. We all need something to keep us going and things moving forward and I love what you said about surrounding yourself with people that are going to empower you, lift you, energize you.

I think that’s really important and also what you were saying earlier in the interview, Tina, about the fact that you love those monthly physical meetings, as well. This could be a very lonely business, this behind the computer stuff.

Tina: Yeah definitely. And also, I think you take inspiration from…like the latest thing I was so chuffed and I went out the other day and I came back to find a present on my doormat. One of my mentees sent me a book by Daniel Wagner, “Expert Success”. It was fabulous. That gave me new inspiration. It didn’t necessarily teach me anything massively new but it just gave me new inspiration.I just love it.

Jo: I know. Every day, if I watch a video on a new funnel that somebody’s trying out or a new technique, it just does, it gives you even more inspiration. So, Tina, it’s been an absolute pleasure to have you here on the show.

Could you just leave our viewers with a message? What would you say to people out there starting out? What’s your message of inspiration to them?

Tina: My message of inspiration is, get out there and do it. It’s funny because, again from your inspiration last week I created a little video called Start Spreading the News. I put it to the…it’s probably highly illegal because I used music from the “New York, New York,” good old Frank.

It’s stop hiding behind that kind of rock and step into the spotlight and just…my biggest message is that there are so many people listening, who’ve got fabulous unique talents that the world is desperate for.

You have to not only do a duty to yourself but to do your duty to them by sharing it with them. Unless you tell them about it, you’re not going to be able to help them. Don’t be shy, get out there. There are loads of people it will help.

Jo: So there you go, ladies and gentlemen. I heard some great advice in my very first few months of internet marketing from the great Jeff Walker product launch formula, who said the very same thing. Just get published.

Those were his exact words and Tina’s just said exactly the same to you. So listen to these guys. They know what they’re talking about. Tina, where can people find out more about you?

Tina: They can find out more about me at theonlinepublicspeakingacademy.com or that’s a bit of a mouthful so topsa.net for short. Which is T-O-P-S-A.net. I couldn’t get .com. They wanted to charge me 2000 pounds for it so I had to go for .net.

I don’t know. So yeah, or I’m about to…or actually the best, my favorite is tinasibley.com which is my blog. I’ve got loads of stuff on my blog, as well.

Jo: Great and the links will be underneath this video when you’re watching this video on the blog or the links to go and find out more about Tina will be directly below this video, as will the PDF for you to read the transcription and the audio on iTunes.

So thank you so much for listening. Thank you so much for coming Tina and spending an hour with us today.

Tina: My pleasure.

Jo: It’s been inspirational to talk to you. I think you…one of the biggest things I would like to leave everybody with is that one of the reasons that Tina is beginning to see some great success with her business is because she’s an action taker and there’s no other word for it, quite frankly.

It’s all about action. Has Tina made mistakes? Absolutely. Has Tina got things right? Absolutely. Has she struggled? Has she spent some money? Has she spent hours? Has she done all that? Absolutely, but the most important thing is, she’s just kept going and taking action and more action.

And learned from mistakes and kept trying different things and taking more action and taking more action and congratulations, Tina, because you completely deserve all the success that is coming your way.

Tina: Thank you and it’s down to you! Thank goodness I knew nothing about Facebook fanpages because that’s how I found you.


Jo: Good old Facebook fan pages. All right ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us for another episode of Mind, Money, and Marketing and I will see you. Have an awesome week. As Tony Robbins is one of your guiding lights, Tina, I shall leave with a good old Tony Robbins quote: “Live with passion!”

So what do you think about that? Pretty awesome right! Now’s the time for you to take some ACTION! Please comment below and tell me 3 things;

1. What was your AHA moment in the interview?
2. What one piece of action are you now going to take because of what you heard on the interview?
3. When are you going to do it by?

Thanks for listening! See you next week! :)


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    Fantastic interview, two great ladies! I’m sure this will help a lot of people, J x

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    Outstanding interview Jo and Tina! A sterling example a person coming full circle to success. Loved it!

    • http://www.jobarnesonline.com/ Jo Barnes

      Thanks Sheila! Tina is amazing! A complete action taker! :)