Would You Like To Know How
I'm Generating 70% Instant Profits
From Cold Traffic Every Single Day All
The While Building My Subscriber List?

More importantly would you like to know how you can do the same?

Hi There this is Jo Barnes

If you know me then you know I don't usually go for such dramatic headlines, but this is absolutely what I am doing right now every single day in my business!

I'm using paid media to drive traffic through my 'Instant Sale List Building Funnel' and for every $100 I spend, I'm making $170 and generating 100 NEW email subscribers.

In other words I'm building my email list for FREE!

This isn't dependant on my reputation, my content or my contacts. This is totally cold traffic!

And it's nowhere near as difficult as you think it is.

Please read on...

The Problem

One of the things I have struggled with in my business is making instant sales. In other words sales made as soon as someone signs up to your funnel. Not in a few days, weeks or months. Right there and then.

We're told all the time the more value you give the more money you'll make which is undoubtedly true, but the message today is to give, give, give and expect nothing in return.

Give free advice, give valuable information, give awesome content but whatever you do - don't sell! Not until you've created great rapport and have the know, like, trust going on.

Well how long does that take!

What do we live on in the meantime? Fresh air?

Whilst I'm a total advocate of giving value wherever I go and building great relationships to further grow my business, I need to be able to generate leads & sales NOW! Not in 6 months.

The Solution

That's why in the last few months I started testing different strategies to generate instant sales.

I'm not the worlds greatest copywriter and I can't stand hype and false scarcity and all that jazz.

So I needed a solution that would encourage people to buy from me straight away and feel good about doing so. I wanted them to feel like I had given them a gift even though they had purchased it.

You see I started to test driving paid traffic to my optin funnels with an instant sale on the very next page.

Nothing hypey or aggressive, just a nice add on 'gift' at a very low price.

I literally jumped around the room when it worked!

Sure enough since I started testing this strategy I've have generated over 1082 new subscribers onto my email list and it hasn't cost me a penny.

Not only that, but I have also attracted 3766 new likes and thousands of new blog visitors!

All costs covered by the profits I'm making 'INSTANTLY'!

The Proof

I can understand you might be sceptical, but let's look at the numbers.

Now I'm not talking about making millions overnight here. I'm talking about making a decent profit while building a list of email subscribers who will become the biggest asset in your business.

In fact if you estimate that each subscriber will be worth $1 per month to you, you won't be far off. In other words 1000 subscribers will generate you $1000 per month in income.

Imagine you could generate 1000 subscribers a month for 12 months for FREE!

After 3 months you'll be earning $3000 a month, after 6 - $6000 a month and after a year you'll be generating over $12,000 a month and it hasn't cost you a penny to make that happen!!!

This is your BREAKTHROUGH!

Here's my proof this is doable.

Using FB Ads (which is only 1 traffic strategy you can use once you have your Instant Sale List Building Funnel setup) you can see from the screenshot below I spent $1,044 between 11th - 31st Aug (About $50 a day over a 3 week period) and generated 1082 new email subscribers.

Here's a screenshot of the instant sales generated in that same period.

As you can see I made a profit of $717 to grow my list to over 1000. Please note that doesn't include any instant upsells I also generated. My true profit figure was in fact a little over double that number.

The Best Part

This is done with a very simple 2 page funnel. Here's what it looks like;

List Building Funnel

Step 1 - Sign up for my free gift

Step 2 - Thank you so much, I have another gift which is a huge discount off a fantastic product. (The product doesn't even have to be yours)

Step 3 - Killer Follow Up Sequence

The Benefits

Imagine being able to build a targeted list of thousands of subscribers and make a profit at the same time!

Not only will you be able to go on and make offers and generate more sales from your subscribers, but they'll also become your community! The people that comment on your Facebook page, visit your blog, follow you on twitter and tell others about you!

The Instant Sale List Building Funnel will become the very foundation of your business allowing you to;

  • Drive traffic from anywhere free or paid
  • Build a huge list of targeted subscribers and buyers fast
  • Grow your community and presence online
  • Build authority and credibility quickly
  • Get over the fear of making 'sales'
  • Qualify your audience so you know who your buyers are (very valuable)
  • Make sales every day
  • Monetise your time on social media
  • Monetise your blog / website
  • Give great value and build your reputation (at last you'll have the time to do that because you're making sales every day)
  • Create upsell offers and further maximise your profits
  • Do what you love to do in your business (at last you'll have the freedom to of that because you're making sales every day!)

Social Proof

Meet some members of my community who have already put the Instant Sale List Building Funnel to the test!


The Instant sale list building funnel

I wanted to make this super easy to both follow and action. That's why I have split it into 3 key levels;

Module 1 - The 60 Minute Beginners Optin Funnel

By the end of this module not only will you understand the fundamentals of listen building optin funnels but you will have crafted your own and be ready to start generating leads!

  • How to find and create compelling free offers in minutes (without writing a word)
  • The simplest place to host an ebook without needing your own server or hosting plan
  • 14 profit pulling list builder ideas
  • How to craft a landing page that converts at 50% and more every time
  • Step by step creating your web form, list & first follow up in an autoresponder

Module 2 - The Supercharged Home Owned Optin Funnel with 6 Step Killer Follow Up Sequence

By the end of this module you'll have a well designed, high converting optin funnel housed on your own website, plus a full swipe of a proven profit generating 6 day email follow up sequence.

  • How to create a blockbuster compelling free offer in less than a day (video / ebook or audio)
  • The dummies guide to creating super effective landing pages using OP2 & WP
  • How to craft a killer 6 day email follow up sequence (swipes included - just copy and paste)
  • How to turn your website into a lead generating machine Getting your funnel ready for the Instant Sale!

Module 3 - The Instant Sale

By the end of this module you will have all the tools and know how to generate 'instant sales'! It's as simple as that!

  • Finding or creating your 'instant sale' product in just a few hours
  • How to craft the perfect 'gift' sales page to encourage instant sales
  • Putting your break even funnel together
  • How to create an upsell product in less than a week
  • Adding your personality based upsell
  • Putting your profit funnel together
  • What happens next

I Want to Make This Decision Super Easy For You!

which is why you also get;

Bonus #1- Completely New to Online Marketing? - Start Here


A set of videos walking you through

  • Getting Set for Success - Ensuring Your Have the Right Mindset to Create and Run a Successful Business
  • Defining Your Niche - Still struggling with what business you want to be in, not after this session.
  • Defining Your Market - One of the most important things a business owner can do. Know your market and no-one can stop you!
  • Blasting Through the Technical Block - How to setup hosting, your domain name and understanding how to transfer files to your server
  • Setting up a Self Hosted Wordpress Blog in Under 90 Seconds - Says what it does on the tin!

Bonus #2- Wordpress 101 - Wordpress Made Easy


30 Beginners Guide Wordpress Videos walking you through

  • Customising your dashboard
  • Creating posts & pages
  • Using and formatting images
  • Installing and working with themes
  • Working with plugins
  • Adding Video
  • WP Security
  • And Loads Moreā€¦..

Bonus #3- Add to Cart


Let's blast through the technical block with this informative set of videos showing you how to

  • Install a WP plugin to host & protect your product so only purchasers can gain access
  • Set up your product with paypal so you can do the most important thing which is make sales and get paid!
  • Create your entire payment funnel from the sales page to the order page to the confirm page
  • A 90 minute copywriting session on how to create a high converting sales page
  • Swipe files for order pages, sales letters, email follow ups, order pages and loads more!

Still not sure?

Let's make this a no brainer!

As with all my products it comes with a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

If at anytime for whatever reason you just feel it isn't for you all you do is contact me on our support desk and we'll refund your money quietly, immediately and stay friends!

$99 Today

Here's what current students say about my training

Jo Barnes has a uncanny ability to provide exactly the right content you need, in a very easy to understand fashion, to succeed in any niche you are in, right out of the gate. I've been following Jo Barnes for several years now, and she has yet to disappoint with any of her content or offerings. Jo is truly a gifted presenter and online marketer. I would, and have already, trusted her with providing me with all the information I need to exceed all my goals in any niche I have decided to enter online. Thank you Jo ! You are truly gifted and rock as a person. Cheers !

Edward Palmer

There are Online Marketing Trainers and then there's Jo Barnes. What sets her apart is her realism and sense of humor that makes learning from her a joy rather than a highly scripted and rehearsed seminar/webinar. While I can only speak for myself, I'm sure many of her other students will agree, courses by Jo Barnes are not only an effective way to learn online marketing, but because she has a way of leaving her students pumped up and anxious to immediately implement what they've learned, that is why she has so many success stories from her students.I cannot possibly give a high enough recommendation for Jo Barnes Online Marketing Courses because words just can't explain how good she is at what she does.

Mike Claggett

The Non False Scarcity Bit!

This is THE course you have been waiting for! This will completely transform your business (and your life) provided you follow the steps and put into place what I teach and demonstrate.

If you wanted to, you could have your entire funnel setup in a few days and be generating sales by this time next week!

That's why I'm pricing this course publicly at $99.

The results you will achieve after following this course will generate you 10 times that amount and more!

$99 Today

THE Clincher

This my friend is the absolute foundation to any business on or offline. Once you know how to both build a list and make a profit while doing so, you can buy or drive traffic from anywhere!

If you've been guilty of procrastination or have been chasing the next 'Big Thing' to make millions overnight. Stop Now. It's not going to happen.

The key to a successful business is a strong foundation. This is it.

Once you have this in place, every other course on the market will suddenly make sense, whether it be affiliate marketing, FB Ads, social media, webinars, blogging, youtube, product creation, they all lead back to your Instant Sale List Building Funnel!

Don't skip this. Build your rock solid foundation first.

$99 Today

P.S. I never teach anything I can't prove I'm doing successfully myself. Let me show you step by step how to do this and make sure that the next year is your best year yet!

Thank you

Jo Barnes