Selling on Amazon – Your Questions Answered!


Hey There! I have been inundated recently with questions regarding selling on Amazon. This is due to the promotion of my free ebook The Beginners Guide to Selling on Amazon And also my recent blog posts charting our meteoric journey to date with Amazon! If you haven’t yet seen our latest monthly stats post you can do so here - Amazon Monthly Stats - July 2015 [Tweet "Selling on Amazon - Your Questions Answered!"] So in answer to the emails, FB messages, comments and … [Read more...]

Azon Monthly Stats 7 – July 2015


July 2015 Monthly Stats Hey Hey! Welcome back to our Azon Monthly Stats post. If you have been reading our journey along the way you will have been witness to our meteoric rise to over $100k in monthly sales last month. Azon Monthly Stats 6 - June 2015 What a journey! July has been another mind blowing month so let's have a look at the numbers and then we'll discuss the results below; So here are our overall results (we currently have 3 products selling on Amazon) But … [Read more...]

A Month (or so) in the Life of an Online Entrepreneur


I often get asked for a day by day run down of what I do each day to grow my business, drive traffic, promote content etc. It’s so difficult to give an hour by hour account as each day is different and I’m always working on 3 or 4 projects at the same time, so I thought I’d put together a post about what’s happening in the business at the moment, where my focus is and what I’m going to be working on over the next month or so. The goal of this post isn't for you to think, 'oh isn't it … [Read more...]

Do It Now, Improve It Later


Stop what you’re doing right now. Now ask yourself, what were you doing? Were you thinking about doing something? Were you trying to get something right but struggling to start because you want it just so? Were you perfecting something, determined to ensure it’s brilliant in every single way before it’s made public? If you were doing none of the above and were simply just ‘doing’, then congratulations you’re on the road to success! Too many of us spend too long thinking, perfecting, … [Read more...]

Azon Monthly Stats 6 – June 2015


June 2015 Monthly Stats BOOM! What a month! Our goal for this month was $75,000 worth of sales and we smashed it! Let's look at the numbers; Now let me tell you we currently have 3 products selling on Amazon, but two of them are in their infancy, so I've only been sharing each month the results from our one main product. So firstly here are our sales results overall for the month of June; But to make it relevant to the past months reports and to show you what's possible … [Read more...]

What Does Content Marketing Mean TODAY


What is Content Marketing? And how you should be using it in your business? There are a lot of people on the web who believe that churning out articles after articles will help them excel in the field of content marketing – they believe that quantity ranks higher in the hierarchy than quality. Well, they’re wrong. Content marketing is not simply putting anything up on your website, although sadly many companies do this. Even if you update the site several times a week, if the content is … [Read more...]

Azon Monthly Stats 5 – May 2015


May 2015 Monthly Stats Grow, Grow, Grow! We had another great month in May. It's blowing our minds to be honest with you, sales just keep growing and growing. So before we talk about why that might be, let's look at the numbers; Total Sales - $44,213.20 Plus total cost of stock carried forward - $12,354 Costs Stock & Shipping - $12061 Promotional Expenses - $3430 FBA Fees - $14600 Marketing Costs - $2876 Total Profit - $23,600 (Pre-tax) Summary Our goal … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Building Your Online Lifestyle Business


In the last 5 years since I started my online business back in 2010, I have had the opportunity to travel and live across Europe, South East Asia, Australia and the US. I lived in Thailand for almost 4 years on and off and as a family we have chased the sun around the globe. This has been possible only because I run my business entirely online. As long as I have an internet connection I’m free to work virtually anywhere! My favourite venue was a lovely little beach side restaurant … [Read more...]

5 Lessons That Have Recently Revolutionised my Business


If you’ve been following me for a while you may notice this post is on my Jo Barnes Online blog, not my Online Marketing Addicts blog. This is because my business is expanding at a rate of knots at the moment and I was in danger of moving in the wrong direction, so I had to pull up sharply and reassess my goals. You see it's all too easy to just keep moving and doing without stopping for a moment to check you're on the right track. Especially for someone like me who's mantra to life is … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Spot Profitable Opportunities on Amazon


  Listen to this post as a podcast!   Your exciting journey on Amazon begins with sourcing profitable opportunities. In other words finding popular products that are selling well but that are being marketed badly. The last thing you want to do is to try and break the mould, enter a new market or try something untested. Leave that for when you have plenty of money to risk trying new things. For now we want to use the information Amazon gives us to seek out prime … [Read more...]