Mind, Money & Marketing Show – Episode #16 – The Business of Life with Joel Comm

IMAGE Session 16 Joel Comm

Joel Comm is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, public speaker, social media evangelist, and mobile marketing innovator. I nabbed that line directly from his website joelcomm.com. The man has done it all! He has such a wealth of experience in the online marketing business that it’s hard to know how to introduce him! I have to say, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I fired up my computer the morning I interviewed him as he’s kind of a big deal! But I’m happy to report what … [Read more...]

Mind, Money & Marketing Show – Episode #15 – The Past, Present & Future of SEO with Rand Fishkin

IMAGE Session 15 Rand Fishkin

I was super excited to interview Rand. As I’m sure you’re aware, he’s a bit of a superstar in the SEO and blogging world with his fantastic and informational website & software Moz.com and his well known “Whiteboard Friday” videos amongst several other business interests and speaking all over the world! Rand is hugely respected in the industry and rightly so! This was a fantastic interview full of some absolute marketing gems which you can start taking action on TODAY to begin to improve your … [Read more...]

Mind, Money & Marketing Show – Episode #14 – There’s No Such Thing as Should with Dan R Morris

Episode 14 - Dan Morris

Wowee, what an episode to get us started in the new year! I wanted to interview Dan to give you some great information on blogging. What actually transpired was a serious strategy session all about blogging, business and life in general! Dan is an absolute mine of fantastic results based information and is so passionate about what he does we actually talked for nearly 2 hours! This is well worth your time listening! So sit back, grab a drink, your notepad or tablet and be prepared to take … [Read more...]

Mind, Money & Marketing Show – Episode #13 – Tapping Your Way to Success with Julie Zommers

IMAGE Session 13 - Julie Zommers

Happy Boxing Day! I do hope you had a lovely Christmas! As a holiday treat I interviewed one of my Academy members, the lovely Julie Zommers who is an expert in the Emotional Freedom Technique of tapping. Julie has used her own strategies to blast through the fear and stresses of creating an online business and now has one of the most professional and entertaining websites I have seen in a while! From Sydney Australia, the down to earth and hilarious Julie talks us through whats made a … [Read more...]

Mind, Money & Marketing Show – Episode #12 – BIG Results from Video Marketing with Casey Zeman

IMAGE Episode 12 - Casey Zeman

I always love talking to Casey, he’s been advising businesses on how to include video as part of their marketing strategy for many years now and he really knows his stuff. Add to that he’s a super nice fella! Over the last couple of years Casey and his team have developed an amazing piece of software to assist anyone who wants to use webinars and hangouts to build their profile, expand their community and of course increase their sales. So todays chat covers the ins and outs of getting … [Read more...]

Mind, Money & Marketing Show – Episode #11 – Engage, Ignite & Expand with Brandee Sweesy

IMAGE Episode 11 - Brandee Sweesy

I was smiling before I even got on the call with Brandee! I knew it would be upbeat, lots of laughs and a little bit crazy, because that pretty much describes this superstar lady! Brandee is a branding expert and has worked with many businesses and clients to help them get their message out to the world. More recently however, she has focused her efforts on google hangouts since discovering their pure marketing power! Here we’re hanging out, talking about hangouts, branding, fear & self … [Read more...]

Mind, Money & Marketing Show – Episode #9 – Serious Webinar Alchemy with Stephen Renton


The official definition of alchemy - “the medieval forerunner of chemistry, concerned with the transmutation of matter, in particular with attempts to convert base metals into gold or find a universal elixir.” In todays interview with the lovely Stephen Renton he’s talking to us about how to turn your webinars into GOLD! Stephen has become widely known as the guy behind some of the most successful product launches online. he’s worked with 100’s of well known names and shown them how to … [Read more...]

Mind, Money & Marketing Show – Episode #8 – Creating Your First 5 Figure Month with Tina Sibley


This was a proud moment for me. Interviewing one of my very own students who I have watched grow and develop and learn and grow more over the last couple of years. Tina is an absolute joy to work with. She has a bubbly and vivacious personality which just lifts anyone who happens to cross her path and she is a prime example of the kind of grit and determination needed to make this business work. If you’re working hard to grow your business and have moments of doubt then this interview will … [Read more...]

Mind, Money & Marketing Show – Episode #7 – Optimizing Your Hangouts with Ronnie Bincer


I always enjoy interviewing Ronnie. He’s so easy to chat to and generous with his information. As a gentleman who has been involved in Video Optimization and SEO for years, hangouts were like a dream come true for Ronnie! Watch the interview to find out more and how they can help you with your business… Get More of Ronnie Bincer Find Ronnie on Google The Hangout Helper Hangout Mastery Sarah Hill on Google Rich Dad Poor Dad Favourite Quote I've found my time with … [Read more...]